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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Testing some coding here. Imagine I was writing a post and I wanted people to know how big a barrel of beer is. Could I use this handy feature? Apparently so.

Thanks, Iggi!


Absent Mindful said...

Umm.. maybe it's my Mac, but nothing happened when I clicked the link.
So, for others like me:
1 Barrel = 31 Gallons/117.344 Liters
1/2 Barrel = 15.5 G/58.672 L (regular)
1/4 Barrel = 7.75 G/29.336 L (pony)
1 Barrel = 4.144 Cubic Feet
Pounds, Ounces, Etc, = Calculator Time

iggi said...

no, no...don't click it...mouse-over it.

Chris said...

What tag do you use for this cool little feature?

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