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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Beers of Maine (1)

Famously, Asa Lovejoy and William Pettygrove tossed a coin for the right to name a 640-acre plot they obtained from William Overton on the bank of the Willamette River. Exactly 151 years later (a sesquicentennial and one), I lured another Portlander west, and ultimately married into her New England family. Thus do I get to return to the founding land once every year or two and sample the other Portland's beer. (You don't get to select your spouse's hometown, and often do I thank lady luck that mine's isn't in Indiana.)

Anyway, I will report back on a brewpub and five bottles I managed to safely transport home. (The brewpub was a dud, but as evidence of the maturity of the Maine industry, I have a stout, and IPA, an Oktoberfest, a fall seasonal (nut brown), and a Belgian wit yet to sample--in only a handful of states could you find that diversity on your local grocery store shelf.)

Give me a couplethree days and I'll do mini-reviews of those and talk a bit about the trip.


  1. Ahhh, nice.
    You may travel, but you're always looking for the next beer to write about. Good on ya.

    Also, word around the email is that you're about ready to unleash some mad, super-awesome, west coast beer videos, yeah?

  2. Yes indeedy. A friend set me up with a rare piece of Oregon brewing history, which ahs now been converted from VHS to digital and dumped onto my computer. Stay tuned!

  3. Cool. My folks traveled to ME from VA recently, but didn't answer my question about any decent micros near "that other Portland".