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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Henry Weinhard Documentary

Sometime in the 80s or 90s, the Blitz Weinhard Brewery put out a cool documentary that details the history of the brewery. I can't remember if it was actually part of the pre-tour video they showed when you visited the brewery or not, but it is a stand-alone, in any case. I had to break it up into three, roughly 2 1/2-minute chunks to get it on Youtube. The good news is that I found a transfer format that keeps the video quality far higher than in some of my past postings. Enjoy--

Part One

Part Two

Part Three


  1. Drunken Blog Troll1:06 AM, October 25, 2006


    My biggest problem with Henry's Tavern, other than the fact it's a den for yuppies and hipsters and the beer selection is straight out of a distributors handbook.... I think there should more dedication to the building, the man and the brewery....

    This series of videos should "AT LEAST" appear in the tavern....

    Great stuff!

  2. All the appreciation should be forwarded to my friend, Absent Mindful, who scored the source material.

    You're probably right about Henry's, but they do carry Caldera, which is one of my favorite breweries in the world, and hard to get in PDX. The food's decent, too. For all the upscale--dare I say "pretension"--it's cheaper than you would expect, too. I guess I can't help but make regular journeys back to the hallowed ground.

  3. OK, off track, but since you mentioned:

    Have you weighed in on Caldera's aluminum cans? What thinks thou, oh aribter of good beer taste?

  4. Check the blind tastings. Caldera matched up very well against bottled beers and I don't think it's possible to detect the container.