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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Caldera at Jake's

It looks like Jake's may be making their brewing dinners a monthly thing. Hair of the Dog sells itself, but the April installment should be even more interesting to Portlanders. It features Ashland's Caldera Brewing, easily one of the most under-rated breweries in all of Beervana and one of the least-accessible in the Rose City. I have managed, through brew fests and travel, to try most of their beers, and it's hard to find a brewery with a more consistantly good lineup this side of Bend. So, the particulars:
Brewmaster Dinner with Caldera Brewing
Jake's Famous Crawfish

Sunday, April 15, 6:30 pm
401 SW 12th Ave
(503) 226-1419
$39.95, includes gratuity
If I can rustle up forty bucks, I plan to go. And hey, it's the Ides of April--either your taxes are in, or you're on the lam from the law; either way, drinking good beer is a fine place to be.


  1. There's a Hair of the Dog Brewers Dinner coming up this or next weekend, too....

    I'll put the menu on my Blog..

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  3. Went to the HOTD dinner last night and was very impressed with the food (and obviously, the beer, too).

    It's a very good value!