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Thursday, April 05, 2007

News You Can Use

Belmont Station opened their promised cafe. Finally:
That's right, the [Belmont] Station BierCafe is now open; the coffee is on, the panini grill is hot, and the taps are flowing!

To start things out in a quiet (yet tasty) fashion we've tapped:

Double Mountain IRA
BJ's Whiskey Barrel Stout
Pelican Dorymans Dark
Gouden Carolus

The initial hours are Tue - Sat from 4-10 (maybe 11). Come on down and be one of the first to hang out in our smoke-free bar and sample from our selection of 700+ bottles, 4 rotating taps, and tasty food.
Belmont Station is located at 4500 SE Stark.

Not only that but John Foyston (who is posting at a furious pace) alerts us to yet another brewpub within staggering distance from my humble abode:
Publican Jim Parker and longtime brewer Lorren Lancaster (Star Brewing, Mad River, Anderson Valley and Deschutes) are opening a new brewpub called the Green Dragon Ale House & Bistro in the former Yamhill Brewing space at 938 S.E. Ninth Ave. in June, Parker says.
Quite a bit more if you want to read the full post, plus this interesting tidbit:
And Parker even has a way for you to be part of the enterprise, by joining the the Founders Club: loan him $2,500 for five years and you get your own barstool and a guaranteed place at the bar; and your first beer free and 10 percent off your bill on every visit. What you don't get is old-fashioned interest, but assiduous club members will surely manage to eke out their money's worth. Send him an email at if you're interested. 
Hey, anyone got $2,500 they want to give a poor beer blogger? Tell you what, I've got a Fred #1 in the basement, and a first edition Old Knucklehead I'd sell you.

Just a thought.


Chris said...

Hey Jeff,

Thanks for the plug! It's been a long grueling process, but we're finally up and running. Give us a couple weeks and we'll be open for lunch as well.

Stop on down sometime and we can share a pitcher of Double Mountain IRA.



Jeff Alworth said...

The Whiskey stout actually has my name on it. Sounds like a plan!

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