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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Thanks for a Fantastic Year

I know that "meta" commentary is mostly boring to readers, but indulge my wish to thank you all for coming by, reading, and participating. Beervana (the blog) gained a lot of readership over the year; I don't run ads or get paid to do this, so the main satisfaction I get is in knowing it's appreciated. I take it by the growing number of eyes that it is--and in turn feel enormous appreication to all of you. So thanks!

Just the stats, ma'am:
  • 234 - posts in 2007
  • 1,694 - three-month average number of unique hits per month in Jan-Mar 2007.
  • 4,282 - three-month average fom Oct-Dec '07.
  • 56 - per-day average readership Jan-Mar '07.
  • 143 - per-day average readership Oct-Dec '07.
  • 355 - number of signatures for the Honest Pint Project to establish standards for pint glasses
Here's hoping next year is even better--


Brian said...

I've been enjoying your blog as a fellow Oregonian. Since you're not running ads, how about offering a full RSS feed? I'm a Google Reader fanatic and those partial feeds are a bit annoying.

I'll keep reading even if you don't change.

Yoma said...

And our thanks to you for a consistently fine blog. I'm not much of a beer drinker but I never miss your post, just for the culture and good writing.

Jeff Alworth said...

Brian, ask and ye shall receive.

Brian said...

Jeff - cool! Thanks!

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