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Monday, September 29, 2008

Fresh Hop at Belmont Station

More later on the slate of upcoming fresh hop beer tastings, but I want to direct you to Belmont Station, which tonight puts five fresh hop ales on tap:
  • Ninkasi (Mt. Hood hops)
  • Double Mountain (Perle hops)
  • Hales (hops unknown)
  • Full Sail (Rainier or Cascade or Nugget - FS has three versions)
  • BridgePort (Centennial hops)
If you go (I may not make it tonight), let me know what you think. One commenter has already said Pelican's Elemental Ale is a winner. Others you'd recommend?

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Secret Storms said...

the Double Mountain beer is Killer Green and it was well worth a pint. Tasted like drinking a plant.

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