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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What's Going on Here?

In the manner of Stan's ongoing series, here's one for you. Care to hazard a guess why these little lovelies are meaningful? Hint: they reside in Upright Brewing, Portland's newest brewery.


dr wort said...

Since those are 5 gallon Corney "Soda" Kegs and not your modern standard Sankey tap top, I would guess this means Upright Brewing is selling their beer to the public?

If so, I'm ready to get a Corney keg filled!! :-)

Jared said...

Hmmm a couple Corney kegs.... Homebrew on tap? I know it's not a great guess since I'm almost certain it's illeagal, but one can dream :)

Shawn said...

I'm going to guess that vessels contain the new brewery's proprietary yeast strain and are soon to be croygenically frozen to preserve them for future societies.

joe said...

I'm going to agree with DW on this one, all points.

Jeff Alworth said...

I will give the answer sometime this afternoon or evening.

Anonymous said...

I, for one, am waiting with baited breath. Having recently enjoyed both Upright's Four and Five, and gotten a look at an empty Upright Four keg, I saw the label on top listed Four, Five, Six and Seven… I'm already anxious enough as it is. :D


Jeff Alworth said...

Although many of you drew on experience, knowledge, and wiles, and Shawn drew on comedy to guess, Shawn is actually closer to the mark.

Upright has regular kegs (though they are those black-sheathed beauties from Germany I've been seeing around), not cornies. No, those contain lactic and brettanomyces cultures. The latter are (Alex swears) "gentle: claussenii cultures.

Portions of these will be added to a batch of Four he's got aging on pinot barrels, as well as some cherry puree.

You gotta love a brewery that keeps wild yeasts on hand.

dr wort said...

So... Does this mean I can't bring my Corney keg into the brewery and get it filled???? :-O

Chris said...

Hey Doc, I know a couple of my friends have gotten cornies filled there already, so it certainly doesn't hurt to call/email them and ask.

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