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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Craft Beer Month Calendar Posted

Dunno how long this has been up, but some folks have been whingeing that there wasn't enough info on Craft Beer Month. (That be July.) It is here.


DA Beers said...


Come on, I posted a link to that weeks ago when we had this discussion. It comes down to quantity vs quality.

Nice Reading said...

To Much Beer Will Kill You
Nice Reading

dr wort said...


I have nothing to add....

Jeff Alworth said...

I was about to delete Nice as spam, but I guess it's not.

Derek, a thousand apologies. However, I don't get the qual v quant comment.

dr wort said...

"However, I don't get the qual v quant comment."

Obviously, neither does the OBG.... or host of others.

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