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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hope He Had Time for a Beer

I feel somehow compelled to mention that the leader of the free world visited the Rose City today. There.



dr wort said...

Hmmm... I thought he was just the leader of the USA.

Anonymous said...

Within blocks of HOTD, too bad, he could have gotten together with Dr. Wort had solved all the world's problems :-).

Anonymous said...

Great time to visit the PAC NW and try to sell the locals on the fantasy that Dems have 'saved' the economy. Has he even checked the unemployment and foreclosure numbers for Oregon. there is nothing to smile about. Whatever he and Congress has done for he past two years, it hasn't worked-----at all!

Jeff Alworth said...

Ah, the courage and insight of the anonymous poster. You do your kind proud.

otherfred said...

Best picture I saw of the visit, thanks.

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