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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Must Be Beervana

Gardeners have used hops for decades as ornamental and hardy climbers. But how many nurseries include alpha acid percentage and recommendations for beer styles with their rhizomes?

I was surprised and amused to find these at Portland Nursery this morning. Obviously, gardeners in Portland don't care about hops' ornamental value.


Del said...

I would like to be one such gardener. Are these sun loving hops? Based on the fact that you saw them in Portland, I would assume that they don't mind cloudy weather.

Jeff Alworth said...

Del, as it happens, Oregon has some of the sunniest skies in the summer. We are also located far enough north to provide the hops with the 15 hours of sunlight they need every day to thrive. Perhaps unsurprisingly, something like a quarter of the nation's crop comes from Oregon--and something like two-thirds from Washington state.

Cory said...

I have some rhizomes on pre-order, and will be experimenting with how much sun they'll tolerate down here in Arizona. I wish I could go down to my local nursery and see a display like the one shown here.

Brian Yaeger said...

Dangit, I shouldn't have just shadowed my wife. I was at the same nursery the same day and if I'd seen these, I surely would've nabbed some. Really looking forward to growing my own. Is Simcoe commercially available and if so, did you see any there?

Jeff Alworth said...

Brian, no worries. It's actually too early to get rhizomes in the ground. I'd wait a month and check with Freshops--they have quite a variety, and I'm willing to bet you can track down some Simcoes from them.

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