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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Beer Cocktails Hit New York

Ezra's on the leading edge of the newest trend:
Lately, though, beer has taken on a new and nuanced role in many of this city’s bars, and I’ve taken a brighter shine to it. In growing numbers and with growing frequency, bars are not just serving beer solo but also using it as one of many players in mixed drinks. Whether or not the drinks include hard liquor, they are generally referred to as beer cocktails, and they’re much more refined than the whiskey-in-beer boilermaker of yore. Beer has gone on to make friends with vodka, and it has made peace with gin.
Interesting article--if not revelatory to Oregonians who've been enjoying these concoctions over the past year. Hat tip to NS.

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Mark said...

I've definitely seen more of this lately. I even saw one at a brunch - it was a mix of Victory Golden Monkey (a spiced tripel), orange juice, and champagne. Actually pretty good!

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