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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Photo Caption Contest

Okay, contest may be stretching the definition, but have your best go:

There will be much, much more on this topic tomorrow.


Jeff Alworth said...

Nothing?? I am shocked no one offered "Dreams of my foeder." I declare myself the winner.

The Daily Trub said...

Ben Love's bad attitude ruins 11am "barrel playtime"
-The Daily Trub!/dailytrub

Eric said...

Ok, how about "Watch what happens when I push this foeder out from under Ben... "? Cheers!

Anonymous said...

"Hey, big boy? Whatayasay, we tap this barrel and go back to my house?"

"NO! You love the beer more than me!?

"Well.... maybe the barrels not all I'm tapping..."

Jeff Alworth said...

Excellent work! Thanks for your wit--

Anonymous said...

Van's still laughing at the thought of Ben looking like a younger version of Ezra.

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